Choosing the Best Display for Your Farm

May 21, 2021

The Best Display for Your Farming Operation

Farmers know their fields – they know the curve of every hill, anticipate where water collects after heavy rain, and remember just the right spot to catch sunsets at the end of a long day.

Precision agriculture takes that unwritten familiarity and knowledge – the kind only acquired through hard work and daily commitment – to the next level with accurate data and modern technological application.

Farm with Trimble Precision

A Trimble display provides industry leading performance with the ability to accurately monitor and map field information in real time – providing technological advances to improve existing operations.

Our range of guidance and steering solutions provide the right solution for maximising your output, whether you have a small farm or a large operation.

Stay on Track with Automated Steering

Field work is hard work, and our automated and assisted steering systems take away the burden. Automated steering helps eliminate bad passes, skips and overlaps by using mapped data for automatic terrain compensation. You can work more efficiently without working harder, as the technology does this heavy lifting. All the data is at your fingertips as you work, easily accessible through in-cab displays.

Choosing The Best Display for Your Needs

Every farm is different. They use different equipment, vary in size, grow different crops, and cover various types of terrain. Here’s a handy guide to the Trimble Agriculture in-cab displays to help decide which is best for you.


The Trimble TMX-2050™ display system offers a comprehensive package with full internet connectivity that helps take control of the entire operation. The 12.1 inch, high-definition touch screen offers sharp visuals, an Android-based operating system, and a choice of two display applications. This system is powerful enough for advanced users to manage overall operations at their fingertips, yet simple enough for a hired hand to operate during field work.

A rugged, durable choice for a variety of conditions; and accuracy is assured, from the sub-metre to the sub-inch level based on the correction service you select. With a built-in GPS receiver and a video camera input, communicating data is easy. There is a full suite of precision ag solutions, including assisted and automated steering, implement control and row guidance, among others. It’s also portable, so can be swapped between vehicles when needed.

Trimble GFX-750™

With a slightly smaller screen (10.1 inches), the Trimble GFX-750™ offers many of the same features available with a little less real estate needed inside the cab – thanks to the roof-mounted guidance controller and screen size. In addition to its built-in internet connectivity, this unit also offers Bluetooth and WiFi communication options.

This mid-range option also offers assisted and automated steering precision options as well as the NAV-900 Guidance Controller. Like the TMX-2050™, the GFX-750™ offers the same hardware durability for use in all field conditions as well as the easy-to-use software platform, so the emphasis is on getting the work done – not trying to navigate an overly complex computer system. This unit is also portable and suitable for use in a variety of vehicles.

Trimble GFX-350™

If you’re looking to introduce precision agriculture to your operation, Trimble’s GFX-350™ is a great, economical way to see first-hand how this technology can improve your overall return on investment. There is a functional and simplified installation process, which gets you ready and out in the field fast.

This unit is also economical for tight cab situations – with a 7-inch touch screen, it’s mountable in the smallest areas and compatible with NAV-500 and NAV-900 guidance controllers. Operators can control up to two channels and 24 sections with this unit, and it’s Bluetooth and WiFi compatible. With the same durability that all Trimble displays offer, this unit is hardworking and can be with you in the field for every season and across all equipment brands.

Discover the Possibilities 

Using a Trimble in-cab display doesn’t just offer the opportunity to maximise profitability. It gives you the ability to work smarter and faster, increasing your downtime to catch those sunsets a little more often – from outside the cab.

Learn more about Trimble’s top in-cab display options for your farm: It’s easy to find and connect with your local Trimble Authorised Dealer using our Reseller Locator.

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